Licensed Carver One Tilting Technology


In addition to providing drivers with an entirely unique and exhilarating driving experience, the V3 is regulated as a motorcycle, thus providing drivers with access to HOV lanes. However, no special license is required as is the case with motorcycles. Additionally, the fully-enclosed cabin, combined with the automatic transmission, steering wheel, and HVAC, provides drivers with the luxury and comfort of a conventional passenger vehicle. The V3 offers an unbeatable combination of technology and performance.

Tilting Technology

Persu has an exclusive license in the North America to produce vehicles with Carver’s patented Dynamic Vehicle Control system or DVC™. The system uses a combination of hydraulic and mechanical technologies, providing high reliability, quick response, and a remarkably natural driving experience. The unique electrohydraulic tilt-steering control technology provides drivers with the ability to attain extreme lateral acceleration that rivals the best sports cars in the world while maintaining control and ride comfort.

One resulting advantage of the tilting technology is the inherently safe platform compared to conventional four-wheel vehicles. Opposite roll is a common occurrence with conventional four-wheeled vehicles. The V3 platform challenges conventional wisdom which reduces the lateral G-forces and delivers an exhilarating, yet natural, driving experience. This approach is purposeful engineering and, at its best, creates both passive and dynamic