Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get a Persu V3?

Production vehicles are targeted for a 2014 model release.

How much will the Persu V3 cost?

MSRP is targeted at $25,000.

How can I reserve a Persu V3?

Persu has a pre-registration page on the "FlyTheRoad" home page. Persu Ventures is planning on accepting purchase deposits prior to launch. Once our policy is finalized, we then intend to notify the pre-registrants and give them priority.

Will I need a motorcycle license or motorcycle helmet?

The Persu V3 is considered a motorcycle under federal regulations. However, individual states set the requirements for license and helmet laws. California, Texas, Florida and Washington already have a helmet and license exemption for enclosed 3-wheel vehicles like the V3. Persu Ventures is working with other State legislatures to enact similar exemptions for enclosed 3-wheel vehicles like the Persu V3.

How is the tilt controlled?

A Dutch company, Carver Engineering, has developed the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system for use on their Carver One three-wheeler. Persu Ventures has licensed this technology for use in the Persu Vehicles. The DVC system matches the tilt of the vehicle to the amount of steering input and vehicle speed. At slow speeds, the front wheel is turned to steer, as speed is increased the wheel turn is replaced with vehicle tilt.

How much Cargo Space?

The back seat will be designed to fold down and provide a flat cargo area, large enough to hold 'six bags of groceries' and there is a cargo shelf behind the rear passenger seat that should be able to hold a large book bag. A rooftop cargo box may be offered as an option, shaped to provide a minimal disruption to vehicle aerodynamics, and should hold about 5 cubic feet of cargo.

What about Towing a Trailer?

A number of potential customers have asked for a trailer hitch receiver to be included in the rear frame design, and this is being investigated. Towing capability would be limited, but a small motorcycle trailer may be feasible.

What passenger safety features are being considered for the Persu Vehicles?

Passenger safety features being considered are described on the Persu website and include the following: driver airbag, side-impact rails and roof roll-over protection.