Next Generation, Ultra-High Mileage, Performance Vehicles

Gen I Internal Combustion Engine
Gen IIPlug-in Hybrid

Persu is an innovative, environmentally-friendly vehicle company committed to creating the ultimate, next generation, passenger vehicle ("V3" or the "Vehicle"). Together with a complement of world-class design, engineering, production and marketing partners, the Company is developing a "fly-the-road" driving experience supported by ground-breaking technologies and unique vehicle design. The Vehicle is well positioned for entry into the emerging market for alternative forms of personal transportation created by the increased public concern over global warming, energy independence and volatile gas prices.

Persu's V3 is replete with a full complement of patented technologies that were developed and validated in connection with the "Carver One" three-wheel passenger vehicle. It is comprised of two compartments: (i) a fully enclosed passenger cabin that tilts with one wheel in the front and (ii) a fixed propulsion module with two wheels at the back that provide rear steering. The chassis incorporates a patented Dynamic Vehicle Control system which gives the driver the ability to attain extreme cornering that rivals the best sports cars in the world while maintaining control and ride comfort. The V3 also contains many standard features found in passenger cars including a steering wheel, automatic transmission, driver's airbag, seatbelts and A/C.

The reliability and performance of established technologies are also integrated into the efficient V3 package to deliver extraordinary vehicle performance. The Company's first model - which will utilize an internal combustion engine ("ICE") - is estimated to achieve maximum speeds of 100 mph with fuel-efficiency of 55 MPG, or greater. The Company's second model will utilize a plug-in hybrid electric propulsion system and other viable emerging technologies in order to achieve even greater fuel efficiencies. Persu is committed to technological development in order to continually deliver a superior customer experience. This will assure that Persu is well-positioned as the ongoing leader in vehicle design and innovation.