New Category Class of Vehicle

To address the shifting trend in personal transportation toward smaller, premium vehicles, Persu has created a unique and innovative passenger vehicle that combines many aspects of a sports bike and high performance vehicle while satisfying consumer demand for fuel efficient transportation.

Car Enthusiasts and Eco-Friendly Consumers: Persu's V3 provides a truly exhilarating driving experience that is unique to any vehicle available in the marketplace. Furthermore, it is fuel efficient, easy to drive and provides an excellent solution for navigating through traffic congestion.

Ultimate Commuter Vehicle: Persu designed the V3 to be the ultimate commuter vehicle. In some states, enclosed three-wheel vehicles like the V3 have access to carpool lanes regardless of the number occupants. Additionally, some states have enacted legislation which eliminates the motorcycle and helmet requirements for enclosed three-wheel vehicles.

An Inherently Safe Design: Opposite roll is a common occurrence with conventional four-wheeled vehicles. The V3 platform challenges conventional wisdom and incorporates a unique and patented tilting technology which reduces the lateral G-forces and delivers an exhilarating, yet natural, driving experience.

Performance Targets:

   • Accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 6 seconds
   • Reach top speeds of approximately 100 mph
   • Achieve fuel economy of 55 + miles per gallon
   • Provide a total driving range at least 300 miles